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DroneZ takes on Xbox

Capital X meets extraneous capital Z - synergistic mayhem guaranteed

Dark blue icons of video game controllers on a light blue background
Image credit: Eurogamer

Can't anybody release a game these days without including a giant X or Z somewhere in the title? Top offenders are the alphabetically terminal Zetha GameZ, whose new game DroneZ (argh) is coming out early next year on the Xbox (please, make it stop). Falling somewhere between Tron and The Matrix, the game sees you battling cyber-insects to free mankind from the V-Space Network, which you apparently do by running around shooting things in a third person style, while a real world hacker helps you make your way from one network node to the next. The network itself is rendered in glorious shine-o-vision courtesy of the Xbox's sparkly graphics hardware, with plenty of brightly coloured icons, metallic surfaces and big flashy explosions to admire. DroneZ is expected to emerge from its cocoon some time early in 2003, but in the meantime you can admire a batch of early screenshots of the game, courtesy of publisher Metro3D. Related Feature - DroneZ screenshots


Source - press release

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