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Bomberman arrives in Europe

Bomberman Kart, Generations and Max all headed our way

European Bomberman fans can look forward to a winter of content made glorious by the arrival of no less than four new games on various platforms, courtesy of Vivendi Universal Games. The first two are Pokemon-style Red and Blue editions of Bomberman Max 2, an RPG for the GameBoy Advance which sees you trying to reach the Mini-Mini device that has been used to shrink Bomberman and Max to insect-like proportions. Max 2 Red pits you as Max, while Max 2 Blue gives you control of Bomberman. Whichever you choose though, you'll be running around mazes blowing stuff up and collecting useful pets called Charboms to enhance your abilities, and naturally the game also includes the standard four player Bomberman modes. Both versions of the game will appear in Europe some time in October. Closely following these two hand-held titles is Bomberman Kart on the PS2, an import copy of which our assistant editor was drooling over just a few weeks ago. And with both the eponymous Mario Kart clone and a more traditional four player Bomberman mode included on the disc, who can blame him? Meanwhile GameCube owners can look forward to the all-new Bomberman Generation, an "explosive adventure" along the lines of Bomberman Tournament, featuring cel shaded 3D graphics and five expansive worlds to explore, as well as all the usual bomb lobbing multiplayer fun. Both Kart and Generations are expected in Europe this November. Related Feature - Bomberman Kart preview