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Vice City hype begins in earnest

First fake site pops up; single ambiguous screenshot wins headlines

The first signs of Take-Two's impending GTA Vice City hype machine rolled into view this morning with the discovery of Kent Paul's 80's Nostalgia Zone. Located at www.kentpaul.com, the site is a glorious fake in the style of the Pets Overnight, Love Media and Dormotron websites associated with Grand Theft Auto III. Kent Paul (whose origin is "Kent, near London. You mug.") runs a colourful site, mostly devoid of content at this stage, with a brief introduction alluding to his care and perhaps rehabilitation programme and a couple of fleshed out subpages; one about 80s TV shows like Yuppie And The Alien and Just The Five Of Us, and one with famous 80s quotes, such as "There is no such thing as society," from Margaret Thatcher, and "In those days, I didn't know my ass from my elbow. Luckily, a lot of other people did," from Candice Shand, formerly exotic dancer and adult star Candy Suxx. However, the highlight of the show is a postcard from Vice City, which appears to be an in-game shot of the highly anticipated game, sans vehicles, people or any visible action. Bathed in the deep glow of a sunset, a river sparkles beneath a huge bridge connecting a vague cityscape farthest from the camera with a palm tree-lined waterside road in the foreground. "Greeting from Vice City," the postcard peaceably declares. "Wish You Were Here… You Tosser!" Given Rockstar's penchant for Internet advertising, we expect to see more of these between now and the 22nd October, which, according to GTA Vice City's other site, is a date of some significance… Related Feature - Grand Theft Auto III review (PC)

Thanks - Skalmanxl