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Infogrames secures Terminator

French publisher completes full house of Arnie licenses

Not satisfied with holding the license to develop games based on Terminator and T2, Infogrames today announced that it has secured the videogame rights to the forthcoming Terminator 3 : Rise Of The Machines. As part of the deal they will also have first refusal on the Terminator 4 license, should such a movie ever be made. The first of the Terminator 3 games is expected to appear some time next year to coincide with the new film's theatrical release, while the previously announced PS2 and Xbox title Terminator : Dawn Of Fate remains on track to emerge before the end of this year. "There's no bigger action hero than The Terminator and our games will live up to the legend", Infogrames CEO Bruno Bonnell promised. In which case we can only hope that Dawn Of Fate plays better than it looks, because quite frankly it has heavily underwhelmed us in the eye candy department thus far... Related Feature - Terminator : Dawn Of Fate screenshots (Xbox)

Source - press release

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