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Fireblade Cubed, Boxed, shipped

Out on PS2, in development on the others

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Image credit: Eurogamer

If you like a bit of chopper after work, then Kuju Entertainment's Midway-published Fireblade should be right up your alley. The game has been available to buy since 28th June on PlayStation 2, and now the developer has revealed that Cube and Xbox versions of the game are underway. Fireblade is an almost Desert/Jungle Strike-esque helicopter sim with four campaigns and a total of 18 missions, set across environments ranging from the Swiss Alps and the Arizona Desert to the Amazon Jungle and the Arctic Circle. Time and weather conditions will both factor into the campaigns as you pilot two distinct choppers; the carrier chopper for transport and rescue missions, and a Vendetta attack helicopter for assault objectives. Needless to say, both come equipped with things like a sniper cannon, EMP (which presumably doesn't affect your own vehicle), a rail gun and the pilot's favourite, laser guided homing missiles. Xbox and Cube versions are expected from publishing stalwart Midway sometime in the autumn.

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