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Icewind to hit Europe this summer

Dungeon crawl sequel gets release date

Black Isle's sequel to their dungeon crawling RPG Icewind Dale should be arriving in Europe this summer, with an August 30th UK release on the cards according to our latest information. The sequel will pick up the story of the Forgotten Realms a generation after the events of the first game, with a mysterious new foe gathering an army of goblins, orcs and bugbears in the snowbound north. And naturally it's up to you to save the port of Targos from impending disaster as they send out a plea for adventurers and mercenaries to come to their aid. Once again the whole thing is based on an updated version of BioWare's much worn Infiinity Engine, which also powered the Baldur's Gate series and Planescape Torment. New features since the original Icewind Dale include the addition of the new character classes, races and kits introduced in Baldur's Gate II, along with a vast array of all-new weapons, armour, spells and special items for players to discover. All told, there are now upwards of 300 spells for you to unleash, including new offerings such as Aegis and Executioner's Eyes. Which no doubt means something to those of you who have played Advanced Dungeons & Dragons more recently than I have... And while you wait for Icewind Dale II to Dimension Door it's way onto a PC near you, we have three freshly defrosted screenshots of the game for your visual stimulation, courtesy of European distributor Virgin Interactive. Related Feature - Icewind Dale 2 screenshots

Source - press release