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AGB Games shifts focus

From Quake on the GBA to Quake Rally?

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After an enormous response to its polls, UK-based GameBoy Advance developer AGB Games has decided to take its impressive polygonal game engine in a new direction, and has released a number of screenshots of its new 3D racing game. The shots showcase a four-mile track up and running on GBA hardware at 30 frames per second. Locations of note include river and canyon jumps, a desert, an urban complex, tunnels, a railway and a multi-storey car park… It's amazing what you can fit into a four-mile trip these days. AGB has also started work on two other projects; a 3D football game engine, which currently has two full teams of eleven players running around a stadium at 20-30 frames per second, and a game combining a mixture of styles as suggested by those voting in the developer's website poll. For videos to go with your screenshots, is the place to go. Related Feature - Screenshots from AGB Games' as-yet untitled racer

Source - AGB Games

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