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Monkey Ape Football!

Those of you waiting for the simian soccer sensation of Super Monkey Ball 2 should pay attention to a jungle rival

When footage of Super Monkey Ball 2 first emerged, one of the biggest attractions for Westerners was the promise of Monkey Football, a cute, simian soccer sim which threatened to envelope yet more of our precious monkey time and escort it away into the realms of the past. Or something. Well, a young pretender has sprung forth. Our simian spies have reported that the long-awaited PlayStation 2-bound follow-up to Ape Escape includes a mini game called Saru Soccer. In Japan, Ape Escape 2 is known as Sarugetchu 2, and Saru Soccer is said to be a game involving monkeys captured during the single player adventure. Each kind of monkey will have unique abilities, and the control system is reportedly simple and intuitive. Ape Escape 2 is due out shortly in Japan, and as the packshot on the right advertises, in Europe to boot. Related Feature - Ape Escape 2 screenshots

Source - The Magic Box