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Morrowind patched

Long list of bug fixes, plus a couple of handy new features

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Developers Bethesda sneaked out a patch for the European version of their epic role-playing game Morrowind at the end of last week, which you can download from their Elder Scrolls website. Mostly it's fixing a long list of minor bugs and quest scripting errors, but there are a few new features, the most useful of which is an auto-run feature which allows you to send your character trekking across the island without having to keep the movement keys held down the whole time. Also included is a health bar system for combat so you can see at a glance how much of a pounding you're giving your enemies, and a difficulty slider which lets you adjust how hard the game's combat is. A full list of the changes can be found here, if you have a couple of hours spare to read it. Related Feature - Morrowind review

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