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Winning Eleven plus one

KCET is working on a footy management game, according to the most official of sources

Winning Eleven 6 is indisputably the most accurate and enjoyable simulation of football available on any system, and according to series producer Shingo Takatsuka, KCET has now set its sights on a football management game. "We feel the need to create a football management game from listening to the voices of our soccer game fans," Takatsuka-san told Official PlayStation 2 Magazine. "We're not sure when we can officially announce the brand-new game, but please do look forward to it in the near future." With Pro Evolution Soccer 2 arriving in Europe later this year - an enhanced version of Winning Eleven 6 - KCET obviously has its hands full just at the moment, but we hope to hear more about the new management title in the future. WE6's realistic player and team stats will be a key factor that stands in the developer's favour, although we're not too sure that Championship Manager creators Sports Interactive will be keen on the competition. Last year the UK-based developer joined forces with Konami to provide their statistical player and team data for Pro Evolution Soccer, but now that Konami plans to compete in the console-based footy management stakes, the deal might turn sour. Unfortunately nobody from Sports Interactive was available to comment this morning. We'll nag them again later. Related Feature - Winning Eleven 6 preview

Up close and personal

Source - PlayStation.com