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Cloned Beach Volleyball

Sony hops on the bandwagon with its own Klonoa-themed PSone variant

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Beach Spikers. Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball. Outlaw Volleyball. Those are the three volleyball games in development concurrently which spring to mind at 9:38 on a Monday morning. But now I have another name to brandish should anybody stop me in the hall, tap me on the shoulder and demand to know of every volleyball game in development on a console platform. Namco's Klonoa Beach Volleyball is a PSone game featuring Klonoa and his chums in a fairly by-the-numbers arcade sports title with the odd twist. The game is being angled at the younger gamer with cute, stretchy graphics and a special kids control system alongside a complex one for Dads and… yeah, Dads. Unlike its curvy competition, Klonoa Beach Volleyball will have to make its mark on gameplay issues, but I can't remember the last time I minded Namco going head to head with Sega and Tecmo, can you? Something good is bound to come of it. Klonoa Beach Volleyball is due out this Autumn. Related Feature - Another Volleyball Game

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