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Xbox-ready televisions?

Microsoft strikes up a two-year deal with Thomson to produce Xbox-ready TVs in the States

Microsoft has struck up a deal with TV manufacturer Thomson to produce various "Xbox Ready" televisions for the American market. Using a chunkified RCA (composite) arrangement branded VPORT, the TVs will accept input from a single, custom block and not separate video and left and right audio jacks, but the effect will be much the same. Thomson is promising enhanced picture quality with its range of televisions, which comprises three 36-inch, three 32-inch, four 27-inch and one 20-inch model, all of which are available in flat and bubble screens, but shrewd observers will have noted that S-Video is still bound to be superior to VPORT. Unfortunately for Microsoft, these expensive televisions are unlikely to sell to die-hard Xbox owners, who will see little sense in buying an "Xbox Ready" television only to ignore the VPORT gimmick in favour of the superior S-Video option, but retailers in the States are sure to lap it up as a My First Games Console seller. There is currently no word on whether Thomson will be releasing Xbox-ready televisions in Europe, but if you find yourself eyeing this offer with interest, this writer suggests a huge flat-screen television of some other design with RGB inputs for your games consoles - arguably the best way to play games on anything, with the possible exception of the financially-crippling HDTV.

Source - Newstream

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