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"It's a little bit hard to work out without knowing the altitude of that dragon..."

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Eidos : Way Of The Samurai

Free-form samurai game coming to Europe and Australia

Eidos have confirmed that they will be publishing Acquire's promising action-adventure game Way Of The Samurai in Europe and Australasia, with a September release on the cards. The game has already topped the charts in Japan, and is also available in America thanks to Bam. Now the PAL territories can look forward to getting their hands on this novel game, which drops you into feudal Japan and leaves you to find your own way through three days of action in and around the Rokkotsu Pass, with the gameplay changing depending on the decisions you take. "We are continually looking for new and exciting games to add to our already impressive product portfolio", Eidos' Jonathan Kemp declared. "Way of the Samurai meets these criteria perfectly and we are confident this innovative game will be very well received." Related Feature - Way Of The Samurai preview

Source - press release

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