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Nintendo: Thanks for the Memory

Memory Card 251 released in the US, but there’s something else on the horizon…

Nintendo has officially released Memory Card 251 onto the American market. The expansive memory card is priced $19.99 (as opposed to $14.99 for the standard Memory Card 59), and boasts more than four times the capacity of its little brother. MC251's 251 blocks will store a lot of save data. However, not content with this, one third party plans to release a 64Mb memory card in Japan this August, which has a capacity of 1,019 blocks, and access time is said to have improved by more than 50 percent since the original Memory Card 59. Nintendo has yet to announce Memory Card 251's European release date and wouldn't be drawn on it this morning, but if you happen to be importing anything from the US or Japan, memory cards are region agnostic so it might pay to consider one. The only thing to remember is that once formatted, a card cannot be used for another region unless reformatted.

Source - The Magic Box