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MicroMachines return

Miniature car racing series screeches on to PS2 and Xbox

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Jobs aren't the only thing being downsized at Infogrames' Sheffield House studio, with the announcement today that they're hard at work on bringing the MicroMachines franchise to the latest generation of consoles. For those of you with a short memory or a penchant for lurking under large boulders, MicroMachines is a fast and furious racing game played from an overhead view in which you guide tiny toy cars around outsized tracks at high velocity. It's the kind of manic gameplay that's best enjoyed with a few friends and a pint of beer. Now that winning formula is coming to the PS2 and Xbox, with eight new characters to choose from, a variety of vehicles to drive, and of course four player head-to-head options. Other details are thin on the ground at this stage, but with the game due on shelves in November all should become clear soon. Related Feature - Infogrames cuts back at Sheffield House

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