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Soul Calibur II on July 5th!

Well, in the arcades, and in Japan

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Namco's excessively hyped Soul Calibur II will make its arcade debut in Japan on July 5th, the company announced yesterday. Priced to own at a mere 328,000 yen (that's about €2,755 / £1,789), the unit is expected to sell 8,000 kits throughout Japan, replacing the limited release test version that has received a lot of press lately. With Soul Calibur II on the streets of Japan early next month, and rumours of the arcade unit arriving in America in August, we're going to have to try and work out where the nearest arcade is, because it's been so long since there was any point in going… Soul Calibur II is still scheduled for a multi-platform release next year on affordable consoles, despite Sony's bizarre exclusivity claim at this year's E3. Rumours that Link and Fox McCloud will be making an appearance are vigorously hated by this particular editorial team. Fox has a gun, for God's sake. It just won't work out.

Source - IGN

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