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Victor Charlie inbound

Vietnam tactical shooter in development for Take 2

Take 2 have announced that Pterodon and Hidden & Dangerous developers Illusion Softworks are preparing a new tactical shooter set during the Vietnam war. Due out this autumn through the publisher's Gathering Of Developers label, Vietcong will feature detailed jungle environments to battle your way through in n-n-n-nineteen missions (give or take one) alongside a squad of up to six elite US Special Forces troops. Although this unit is known as "the A-team", we pity the fool who expects to find Mr T in there somewhere. Apparently the whole thing will be built around a storyline "that captures the danger, fear and unpredictability of the war itself", while providing a wide selection of realistic weaponry to help you get home in one piece. The developers are also promising multiplayer support, which will give you the chance to fight for the US of A or slip into the black pyjamas and comfy sandals of the Vietcong for some online jungle warfare. Zippos at the ready.

Source - press release