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Alone In The Cinema

Another horror adventure game about to become a film

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It seems that work is progressing on a movie adaptation of Alone In The Dark. According to a report on Creature Corner, production company Angry Films (who are behind the forthcoming Victorian fantasy adventure League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen) will be helming the project. Producer Don Murphy apparently met with Infogrames during last month's E3 trade show to discuss the project and, according to Angry's Hans Rodionoff, the French publisher "was very clear about wanting to do the movie with Angry Films". It's possible that the Alone In The Dark movie could go into full production once work is finished on League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen, sometime next year. Don Murphy is no stranger to videogame movies, having co-produced the awful Double Dragon. Hopefully this effort will turn out better... Related Feature - DIsaster Movies

Source - Creature Corner

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