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"It's a little bit hard to work out without knowing the altitude of that dragon..."

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GameBoy Dragon Ball is round the Bandai

European release of handheld card battler expected this week

Bandai releases videogame in Europe shocker! That's right - for some reason that we haven't quite fathomed, the hilariously named Dragon Ball Z: Legendary Super Warriors is on its way to Europe on the GameBoy Color, and publisher Infogrames claims that you can pick it up at your local gaming emporium from this Friday. We weren't going to detail the entire plot, but it's almost as peculiar as releasing a European conversion of a game called "Legendary Super Warriors" on the GameBoy Color in this day and age, so here we go. Gohan, son of Goku (victor of the World-Class Tournament, obviously), was told by a chap called Radditz that he wasn't actually human and instead belonged to a warrior-race called the Saiyan. Radditz (whose job it is to conquer star systems and sell them) kidnapped Gohan only to succumb to Goku's calming influence, and both of them shuffled off the mortal coil. Now Gohan is training intensively for the battle of his life as an even stronger Saiyan approaches, and he must use his punishing card technique to prevent Vegeta and Frieza from obtaining the seven scattered Dragon Balls and achieving immortality. Yep, it's another world beater. The mechanics of this… unwieldy mission involve playing through a Story Mode and collecting the most powerful of up to five types of card to win battles, before pitting his or her deck against friends in a multiplayer link-up mode. Related Feature - Dragon Ball Z: Legendary Super Warriors screenshots