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Golden Delicious

More details emerge of Golden Sun sequel, due out in Japan this month

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Described by yours truly as "the pinnacle thus far" in terms of handheld RPGs upon its release earlier this year, Golden Sun was a big hit with GameBoy Advance owners the world over, and with the highly anticipated sequel The Lost Time due out in Japan later this month, developer Camelot has revealed a number of details about the sequel. Golden Sun: The Lost Time focuses on an area of the story previously left unexplored. The game stars the hostile Garcia, who was absent on the day of the storm that began the original game, and the sequel charts the three-year spell of his absence to help you understand his character better. The game world should be about three times as large as the original, appearing as more of a "world" than its predecessor did, and the player's progress through the original Golden Sun will impact their experience in The Lost time. Camelot recommends that those interested in getting off to a good start with The Lost Time have a trundle through Golden Sun and capture as many enemies as possible. Gameplay should remain quite traditional, but Camelot believes that players will find the game sufficiently different and enjoyable. Golden Sun: The Lost Time is not currently due out in Europe this year, but we will let you know if that changes. In the meantime, one expects to see it appear about a year after the original, in February 2003. Related Feature - Golden Sun review

Source - XenGamers

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