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Carl Cox puts PS2 in a spin

eJay Clubworld comes to the PS2

Stuttgart's purveyors of musical software eJay have announced that the PlayStation 2 will be stretching its sonic capabilities this summer with the release of eJay Clubworld. Although not strictly speaking a game, it will give PS2 owners a chance to mix it up in eight clubs around the world, including the likes of The End and Amnesia, with top DJ Carl Cox introducing you to the various venues. Over ten thousand sounds and loops will be included to let would-be musos roll their own, complete with the ability to have up to four people jamming together live through a multi-tap. And because the sounds are all stored on the eJay CD, over a hundred songs can apparently be crammed on to a single PS2 memory card, allowing you to easily transport your musical compositions from A to B with the minimum of effort. Everything from hip hop, 2-step and R&B to trance, trip hop and chill-out will be included, and players can even use the analogue sticks on their Dual Shock to scratch and mix their tracks. Throw in a jukebox mode and a 3D visualizer to produce the appropriate trippy visuals, and eJay are presumably hoping that it will also be perfect for those pre-club build-ups and late night relaxation. Expect to see eJay Clubworld appearing on shelves some time this summer. Air horn and neon clothing optional.

"What does this button do?"

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