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Sum Of All Release Dates

Tom Clancy returns to Europe this summer

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Red Storm's tactical combat game The Sum Of All Fears is already available in the USA, along with the film on which it's based, but thanks to the vagaries of movie distribution it won't be appearing in Europe for some time yet. Bizarrely the film will first surface in Belgium and France at the end of July, with the rest of Europe getting it during August. Except for poor Sweden, who apparently have to wait until September. As a result, the game is being held back by publishers Ubi Soft to tie in with the movie's launch here in Europe. Today they have confirmed that the PC and GameBoy Advance versions will debut in August at a modest £19.99, with a PlayStation 2 port following in September at £29.99 and a GameCube release also planned before the end of the year, but with a relatively hefty £39.99 price tag. Expect a full review of the game closer to its European release, but in the meantime you'll have to make do with the latest screenshots of the game in action. Related Feature - Sum Of All Fears screenshots

The latest logo-emblazoned screenshots of Sum Of All Fears

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