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No Controller S for Europe

Smaller Xbox pad probably won't be released here

For some time now our readers have been asking when Microsoft's miniaturised Xbox joypad, known as Controller S in the USA, would be released here in Europe. Designed for people with smaller hands who find the current pad cumbersome, the Controller S sports a new improved D-pad (the primary cause of complaints against the standard Xbox controller) and a more traditional diamond lay-out for the primary coloured buttons. With the new pad already available in the US and no sign of a European release, we caught up with Microsoft UK's Xbox PR manager Nick Grange to find out what was going on. Sadly he confirmed our fears, telling us that "there's no current plans to release the controller in Europe". Why not? Apparently we don't want it enough. "Our research has found that people like the standard Xbox controller in Europe, so at this time we are not planning to offer an alternative", Nick explained. "If it becomes clear that the same preferences for a smaller controller as in the US are seen in Europe, then we will look to meet that need." So there you have it - if enough people ask for one, it might just get released in Europe. For the moment though, it looks like the only way European gamers will be able to get hold of a Controller S in the short term is by importing one from the US. Related Feature - Microsoft explains Controller S