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EverQuest hits the road

Sony set out to snare more customers

Not content with having the west's biggest massively multiplayer role-playing game, Sony Online Entertainment are setting out this summer to bring a whole new audience to the joys of EverQuest. Prepare yourselves for the EQ Invasion Tour! The weapon of choice is a 26 foot long (that's just short of 8m in real units) EverQuest trailer fitted with a dozen VAIO PCs with all the latest bells and whistles, offering punters the chance to sample the game before parting with their credit card details and entering a squalid life of addiction in which every hour is spent either playing the game or earning the money needed to keep their account open. Probably. Sadly (?) the invasion is limited to the USA for now, with the tour truck starting out from San Diego today before travelling around the country, taking in the likes of San Francisco, New York, Seattle, Chicago, Philadelphia and Boston. Venues will range from county fairs to college campuses, giving existing players a chance to meet up and worship the game's designers in person, as well as allowing Sony to demonstrate the game to newcomers. Full details of the three month, ten thousand mile tour can be found at the EQ Invasion website. Related Feature - Everquest, Everquest, Everquest

The EverQuest truck - not quite as impressive as it sounded from the press release

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