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Konami announces Cube footy title for Japan

Sadly not Winning Eleven 6, but it sounds interesting nonetheless

The Japanese gaming press is reporting that the popular manga Captain Tsubasa is set to appear on GameCube. Captain Tsubasa was created in 1981 by Yoichi Takahashi, and follows the story of a young Japanese football player as he works his way through the ranks and - in the current iteration of the series - comes up against supreme international opposition in the 2002 World Cup in Korea and Japan. Tsubasa's popularity at the moment is particularly understandable. The Japanese response to the World Cup has driven the likes of million-selling Winning Eleven 6 to the top of the sales charts, but it seems unlikely that the spirited performance of the Japanese national team - who went out to an on-form Turkish side in the second round of the tournament - will lead to the game's release outside of the country, and a Konami representative we spoke to this afternoon echoed that sentiment. Captain Tsubasa has already appeared as a peculiar card battle / football hybrid on the GameBoy Advance as Captain Tsubasa Advance: Road to 2002, released last November, and the Cube version is currently pencilled in for a September 2002 release in Japan. Related Feature - Winning Eleven 6 preview

Source - IGN