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Eidos signs up Commandos sequel

Tactical combat series spawns third installment

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Eidos have officially announced the existence of Commandos 3, the latest episode in the million selling tactical combat series from Spanish developer Pyro Studios. Once again you'll be taking control of an elite team of commandos battling against Axis forces behind enemy lines during World War II, but this time a stronger storyline is being promised to push the action along to replace the simple mission-based dynamic of previous games. Pyro are also promising to make the sequel more accessible for new players, while series veterans can look forward to improved AI and a wider variety of equipment and enemies. "We want Commandos 3 to be the definitive game in the Commandos series", Pyro CEO Ignacio Perez declared. "Our intention is to take the best of the previous games and introduce several new improvements. We are confident that the millions of Commandos fans will be very impressed." We'll be even more impressed if Pyro actually manage to deliver the game on schedule for a change... The current target is summer 2003, but we'd take that with a recommended daily allowance sized grain of salt for now. Related Feature - Commandos 3 screenshots

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