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Spider-Man: The Demo

175Mb of Spidey good/badness - delete as applicable

A three-level PC demo of Spider-Man: The Movie has been made available by an Australian file network - AusGamers. The 175Mb demo purportedly found its way onto the net via a magazine coverdisk, and to run it you will need a Pentium III in excess of 500MHz or an Athlon processor, 128Mb of RAM, 350Mb of hard disk space, DirectX 8.1 and a 32Mb video card supporting T&L. Spidey fans eager to see their hero in action could do worse than to give this a go, but you might want to go off and make a cup, no, pot… no, oil tanker's worth of coffee, because if our 1.5Kb/s download rate from the Aussie file source is anything to go by, it's going to take a while. Related Feature - Spider-Man: The Movie Xbox review

Source - AusGamers