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Xbox chapter of Silent Hill 2 takes shape

Silent Hill 2: Inner Fears due out in October

Konami of Europe has confirmed that Silent Hill 2: Inner Fears, formerly subtitled Restless Dreams, an enhanced version of last year's PlayStation 2 survival horror spectacle, will be released on Xbox in October. Inner Fears is a complete overhaul of the PlayStation 2 original with added lighting effects and Dolby Digital surround sound, and apart from the tale of James Sunderland's frightening pursuits in the town of Silent Hill, players will be able to engage in a completely new chapter with new areas to explore. Those of you who have the luxury of owning both PS2 and Xbox will… undoubtedly already own Silent Hill 2, but for those of you who don't, Inner Fears may be a suitable gateway to one of the survival horror genre's biggest triumphs. Related Feature - Silent Hill 2 PlayStation 2 review

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