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Settlers colonize consoles

Strategy sequel coming to PC and consoles

Ubi Soft have confirmed that a new game in the popular Settlers series is on the way, with both PC and console versions in the works. Details are scarce at this point and there's still no word on when the game will be released or which of the three major console platforms it will be available for. What we do know is that the developers are aiming to "create a truly innovative leap inside the Settlers' gameplay", with the promise of new strategic elements and 3D graphics. "This new game from the cult series will undoubtedly widen The Settlers' audience", according to Blue Byte's Odile Limpach. "Our production team is currently focusing on innovative 3D-technology and absolutely new game features." No doubt more solid information on what these new game features are will emerge as the sequel gets further into development.

Source - press release