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Square begins FFXI PC testing

Announces system requirements and various other details

Squaresoft began testing the PC version of Final Fantasy XI yesterday in Japan, according to various sources. With the exception of basic services (chat, messenger, email and the Tetra Master card battle game), the Windows-based beta test is taking place on a dedicated server away from PS2 clients, although in the full release version players from both versions will be able to mingle happily. The PC game is due for release before the end of Square's current fiscal year (March 2003), and the developer has released detailed computer requirements, and they are pitched quite high (PIII-800, 128Mb RAM, GeForce 3 recommended, 4.5Gb HDD space). Thanks to the low spec of the average Japanese system (dating sims don't need a GeForce 3, see), these specs will probably alienate a number of its potential domestic users, but by the time Final Fantasy XI arrives in Europe they certainly won't be too far wrong. Related Feature - More woes for Final Fantasy online

Source - The Magic Box

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