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Lara sells out again!

More budget delights for the warm summer months

The Sold Out budget label received another boost today with the news of six new titles for July, including Tomb Raider 3 and Thief 2. Joining the illustrious ranks of the £4.99 budget label - currently swollen by the likes of Worms 2 and Homeworld - are three games each from publishing giants Codemasters and Eidos, and there's not a duffer among 'em. Leading the way are TOCA 2 (soon to be sequestered from full-price sale anyway by its long-awaited sequel) and Tomb Raider 3 (to put it into the perspective the series has lost, that's the middle title of five currently on the market) - both excellent games, and both more than deserving of your five-pounds-minus-one-pence. Elsewhere, Codemasters also contributes the underrated Severance: Blades of Darkness and online driving doobrie 1nsane, but the real gems come on Eidos' side, with Championship Manager 99/00 joining the £4.99 array along with Thief 2. Now shipping in conventional DVD cases, these titles - available from July - will slot nicely into the gaps in your collection. If we didn't already own them, we'd be tempted to buy more than one. Related Feature - Interview with Garry Williams, MD of Sold Out

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