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PSO gets Cube release date in Japan

Not long now, import monkeys!

The long-awaited Cube release of the Phantasy Star Online twins has been set for August 8th in Japan. Episodes I and II, detailed elsewhere, will be accompanied to market by the GameCube dial-up adapter, which will retail at 3,800 yen (€32.15 / £20.55). Nintendo has yet to announce when the broadband adapter is likely to make it to market, but pricing is believed to be the same as the dial-up, based on previously released information. Both Nintendo and game developer Sega will be hoping to avoid the pitfalls of hardware shortages and technical outages that have plagued Square's PS2 online epic Final Fantasy XI, but comparisons are difficult to draw. Technically speaking, PSO is a much smaller scale game than FFXI, with no fiddly hard disks, patches or microcosmic tendencies, and one expects it to make it out unscathed. Related Feature - Phantasy Star Online Episodes I and II preview

Source - GameSpot