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Winning Million 6

Konami's latest soccer game scores big in Japan

Konami Tokyo are celebrating after their latest football game, Winning Eleven 6, hit the million sales mark in their native Japan. Having comprehensively beaten EA's lacklustre 2002 FIFA World Cup at home, Konami are now hoping to repeat that performance to produce a solid result in the away leg. Pro Evolution Soccer 2, the European equivalent of Winning Eleven 6, is currently being refined by the company ready for an early November release, with improvements to the control system and new player kits and team rosters amongst the changes being made to the game for its arrival in the west. "We are delighted that Winning Eleven 6 has been so well received in Japan", Konami Europe president Kunio Neo beamed. "It represents the absolute pinnacle of football games, [and] with the refinements Konami TYO is currently putting in place for its European release as Pro Evolution Soccer 2, we are also very confident the game will enjoy equal success all across our European territories." Related Feature - Winning Eleven 6 / Pro Evolution Soccer 2 preview

Konami prepare to plant their latest game in the back of the net, or their rival's crotches.

Source - press release

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