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Kohan's return

Innovative real-time strategy game spawns sequel

One announcement that we missed during the media scrum of E3 last month was TimeGate's unveiling of a sequel to their award-winning real-time strategy game Kohan : Immortal Soverigns. The original game brought a rare spark of originality to this stalest of genres, offering an experience that was closer to a real-time Heroes Of Might & Magic than your traditional Command & Conquer clone. Now the imaginatively titled sequel Kohan II will build on that novel gameplay, while replacing the rather primitive isometric 2D graphics of the original with state-of-the-art 3D rendering, allowing over a hundred units on screen at once and featuring all the latest buzz words, such as bump mapping and vertex and pixel shader support. Add to that dozens of new hero units to develop and the promise of "a never before seen mode of online play", and TimeGate could be on to another winner. Our only hope is that this time it doesn't take over six months to bring the game to Europe... Related Feature - Kohan review

Source - TimeGate