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Handy Football takes to the airwaves

T-Mobile and Handy Games release mobile soccer game

With the World Cup already in full swing and their home team fortunately still in the tournament, German developer Handy Games has unveiled its latest J2ME-based game for the latest generation of mobile phone handsets. Titled Fussball Fun, it pits you against the CPU in a three-a-side mobile football match. And if tapping away on your handset is too much like hard work, you can sit back and watch a pair of AI-controlled teams battling it out instead. The game is available for T-Mobile subscribers in Germany to download from the company's online portal, and is tailored to work on the Siemens MT50 and SL45i phones, while on the new Samsung SGH-S100 you'll get colour graphics and proper sound effects. Ooh. Related Feature - Java In Your Hands

Source - press release