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Make your own Donkey Kong

An E3 story which got lost down the back of the sofa

Just when you thought it was safe to assume E3 was over and the industry was back to normal, we've unearthed a tantalising titbit of Nintendosity from the latest NGC Magazine that seemingly has yet to penetrate the ether(net). Probing the dark recesses of Nintendo's E3 stand this year, the NGC team uncovered a peculiarity: Donkey Kong on the GameCube. From a developer other than Rare. But instead of slotting neatly into the Donkey Kong series as a 3D platform adventure, this "Create-a-Kong" game sees players build up vintage Donkey Kong levels of their own design and then transfer them to the GBA where they can be played, and the cycle repeated ad nauseum. NGC speculates that there must be more to come from the title, stating that it seemed as though the whole thing could be done on the GBA without the help of the Cube. Meditate on this, we will.

Source - NGC Magazine