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Xbox adopts Lotus position

New features for Lotus Challenge port

In a welcome break from tradition, the Xbox port of Lotus Challenge will actually feature a range of improvements compared to its older PlayStation 2 sibling. According to publisher Titus, the physics has been revamped to give punters "more player-friendly arcade handling" and "an incredible impression of speed", graphics have been tweaked to take advantage of the Xbox's hardware, and tracks have been modified. The Xbox version of the game will also sport enhanced stunt challenges, which see you performing spectacular feats for the movie and advertising industries. Otherwise the gameplay of the original is intact, which means racing classic Lotus sports cars around a range of settings, from the streets of Tokyo and London to a Lotus test track and the Arizona Speedway circuit. Vehicles available include everything from the famous Lotus 7 (as driven by Patrick McGoohan in The Prisoner) and Esprit (used by Roger Moore in For Your Eyes Only) to old Lotus Formula One cars. Expect Lotus Challenge to crash on to the Xbox some time in September. Related Feature - Lotus Challenge screenshots (Xbox)

Source - press release