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A Neverwinter Night's Dream

Eagerly anticipated role-playing game goes gold, on way to Europe

Publisher Infogrames last night announced that Bioware's long awaited role-playing opus Neverwinter Nights has finally gone gold. The game is expected to start appearing on shelves in the USA as early as Monday, and this morning Infogrames PR reps in the UK dragged themselves away from the football long enough to confirm to us that it's still on track for a June 28th release on this side of the pond. Just nice time to polish your shields of spouse avoidance +5 and move that fridge to within easy reach of your PC. With the promise of a vast single player campaign, extensive multiplayer options including the ability to act as the Dungeon Master for your friends, and an easy to use toolset allowing players to design their own adventures and campaign settings, Neverwinter Nights is one of the most eagerly anticipated role-playing games ever to hit the PC. It's been five long years in the making, but if it can live up to its potential it will have been well worth the wait. Keep your fingers crossed. Related Feature - Neverwinter Nights preview

Source - press release