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EA gets Black Box

Sega Soccer Slam developer bought out

Canadian developers Black Box Games have been bought by Electronic Arts, it was revealed today. The company has worked on a number of sports games since its founding four years ago, including Sega Soccer Slam for the GameCube, extreme ice hockey game NHL Hitz 20-02 and a pair of NASCAR sims for EA Sports. Black Box are currently working on Need For Speed : Hot Pursuit 2 for EA, and today's deal brings them in-house for an undisclosed quantity of cash. "Black Box Games is a studio full of highly-talented and creative people", EA's vice president for Tuesday afternoon coffee breaks Paul Lee asserted. "They have an impressive track record for developing multiple titles across several platforms. This acquisition brings us a powerhouse team to work on future titles for the Sony PlayStation 2 console, Nintendo GameCube and Xbox system from Microsoft." Related Feature - Need For Speed : Hot Pursuit 2 screenshots

Black Box drive off into the sunset.

Source - press release

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