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Long read: The beauty and drama of video games and their clouds

"It's a little bit hard to work out without knowing the altitude of that dragon..."

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The PlayStation Is Not Enough

EA give the audience what they want - Bond shots galore

Back at the end of last year EA revealed that they were porting their PlayStation 2 hit Agent Under Fire to the GameCube and Xbox, bringing James Bond to the very latest gadgets. Q would be proud. Today the first screenshots of the game in action have revealed that EA's amazing cross-platform technology has delivered once again, with the new versions looking absolutely indistinguishable from the PS2 original. Ok, that's not entirely fair - the GameCube shots are more washed-out and have big ugly borders on all sides, thanks to the way the screens were captured rather than any shortcoming in the porting process at a rough guess. Helpfully EA have even released screenshots taken from identical points in the in-game cutscenes on both consoles. See if you can spot ten differences between the two shots below. Or any at all, for that matter.


How did you do? If you noticed anything at all to seperate the two screenshots, please apply to MI5. I hear they have an opening in their photographic analysis department for people with super-human eyesight. If you need a closer look, our latest intelligence is that both ports will be available across Europe on Friday. Agent Under Fire might only just have reached the GameCube and Xbox, but already work is well underway on the sequel, James Bond 007 : Nightfire. This time the game will be released on all three consoles more or less simultaneously in November, with a PC version also expected before the end of the year. The first screenshots of Nightfire, released at E3 a couple of weeks ago, show that the new game is already looking somewhat more impressive than Agent Under Fire, and Bond fans will no doubt experience a twinge of nostalgia at the sight of an assault on a snow-shrouded mountain-top fort in the Austrian Alps, complete with cable car. There's even the possibility that the four versions of the game might not all be identical this time, with the PC version set to include online multiplayer support and extra on-foot levels, while the console versions make up for it with the addition of driving missions. With a new Bond movie on the way and a new Bond game for the PC and each of the console formats, it's a good (if expensive) time to be a 007 fan. Start shaking those Martinis... Related Features -

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