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Square to publish bible

For Final Fantasy fans, that is

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Last week, Square and publisher Enterbrain announced a three disc DVD collection for Japan, comprising information and background on every Final Fantasy game to date, with the exception of Final Fantasy Tactics. Before you ask, there are no plans to release this in the States or Europe at the moment, but avid importers, to whom the 13,000 yen (approx. £71 / €110) asking price is not one step beyond, might well enjoy things like an interactive guide to the world of Vana'diel, in which online adventure Final Fantasy XI takes place, and a dramatic overview of the entire series, when the set is released on 25th July in Japan. Speculation is rife about exactly what we'll see in the set other than documentaries, but concept art, research type data and character and monster indexes are at the top of Gameforms' wishlist. It's obviously going to be a bit difficult to comprehend for the most part, but Final Fantasy: The Adventure Bible does sound like a nice gimmick, obviously aimed at recouping a few of Square's losses in an easy-to-produce-and-sell manner, a bit like those Rikku and Yuna FFX spin-offs. Related Feature - Final Fantasy XI preview

Source - Gameforms

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