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Nintendo and Square exchange blows

Stupid, stupid, stupid

According to the Japanese press, Nintendo and Square are already bickering over this and that. During Nintendo's analysts meeting on Thursday, it was remarked that Final Fantasy XI did not sell well, and that poor performance was down to its being an online game. Later, Square CEO Youichi Wada shot back that "Final Fantasy XI is opening up to a new market as a challenging pioneer. [We] would hope that Nintendo would even support us on the issue." Defending his product further, Wada-san added: "People who are currently playing Final Fantasy XI are satisfied, but people who haven't played would have misunderstandings [based on Nintendo's comments]." In good news though, the GameCube version of Final Fantasy is said - by former Nintendo Pres' Hiroshi Yamauchi - to be "ground-breaking software". Nintendo and Square parted company at the birth of the original PlayStation because of mutual distaste for the other's plans. Nintendo went on to release the N64, and Square went on to release Final Fantasy VII… You know, it wouldn't hurt Nintendo's outlook to be nice to them, would it? Related Feature - Final Fantasy XI preview

Source - The Madman's Cafe