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Staggan hope to Unite Soccer

Massively multiplayer football - can it really work?

Virtually unknown PC developer Staggan Ltd. has announced its plans for a massively multiplayer online football game, called United Soccer. Footy fans will be able to play United Soccer offline in single and two player modes, before heading online to compete co-operatively with up to 10 other players on the same team, fighting in leagues, cups and sponsored tournaments. If the game becomes popular then this could be great news, but little is known at present about the technology that drives the game, and early screenshots on the developer's website look simplistic to say the least, with no real lighting system yet and not much player detail, even if the stadiums do look quite nice. It is not even yet known if the game will fall under the heading of simulation or arcade game, or what perspective players will take. The developer's overall plan is to produce a number of United Sport games, but this will surely rely on their ability to come up with a decent one to begin with. No doubt the costs involved in this project are quite considerable. With no release date in sight interested parties will have to stay tuned to the company's website, which presently rests at www.unitedsoccer.staggan.com.

Source - press release