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i11 in doubt

Multiplay may cancel latest LAN party

Multiplay UK have built up an enviable reputation over the last couple of years for running the biggest LAN parties in the UK, and their latest epic struggle of man and machinery (catchily titled i11) was expected to take place at Newbury race course on the weekend of June 21st to 23rd. Unfortunately things haven't gone as smoothly as usual this time, with the organisers today admitting that only 67 people have so far paid for their places at the event, which has a capacity of 600. "Whatever the reasons, be it exams or World Cup, the signups just don't seem to be coming in", Multiplay's Craig Fletcher announced this morning. "At the present number of paid people we would have no option [but] to cancel it. We'd rather not do this, as we love LANs just as much as those attending, but being a small family-run company, we simply cannot afford to take a loss of thousands of pounds." The event may still go ahead as planned, but that depends on the number of players booked for the event rising to at least 240 by Monday morning. More details on the Multiplay website.