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3DO go street racing

Californian publisher in non-Army Men game shocker

3DO have signed up British developer Eutechnyx to develop a new street racing game for them, due for release some time next summer on the ubiquitous "next generation consoles". Eutechnyx, based in the wilds of northern England (Gateshead, to be precise), are something of a motor sports specialist, working on Le Mans 24 Hours, 007 Racing and F1 World Grand Prix 2000 in recent years. With their latest project, imaginatively code-named "Street Racing", MD Brian Jobling is promising to "go beyond driving superfast cars" by giving players "the opportunity to experience the whole street racing culture". The mind boggles. "Eutechnyx really has racing games down - it's all they do", 3DO bigwig Jeff Cretcher helpfully pointed out. "Their highly specialized expertise allows us to concentrate on what's really important - making a great game." 3DO? A great game? Shurely shome mishtake? Related Feature - Le Mans 24 Hours review

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