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Squaresoft to develop FFX spin-offs

Party members Yuna and Rikku to receive their own gamey biopics

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Squaresoft has announced a couple of PlayStation 2 games based on Final Fantasy X, to be released within this fiscal year in Japan. Sceptics have cited growing financial pressure on the company as the reason for these uncharacteristic spin-offs, which will expand on the stories of Yuna and Rikku from Final Fantasy X, within the same game engine and world. Depending on what sort of a job the former FFX development team does with these, we can either expect further financial problems for the Japanese RPG giant, or a couple of enjoyable companions to help the time pass before the next single player Final Fantasy, XII appears. Squaresoft's financial report also highlighted changes in the structure of the developer, aimed at reducing costs, with developers moved into divisions rather than freeform teams. Related Feature - Final Fantasy X preview

Source - Gameforms

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