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Microsoft of Japan speaks

They have ten first party Xbox titles due out this year, and they plan to win the console war

Respected Japanese magazine Famitsu has conducted an interview with Microsoft Japan's Toshiyuki Miyata, concerning the launch of Xbox in the far east and Microsoft's future plans for the system in the region. Miyata-san has confirmed that Microsoft Japan is working on ten titles, and that most of these should be made available before the end of 2002, although details are not currently being released. Unfortunately, Famitsu did not question how many of these titles will be Xbox Live compatible, or what Microsoft's plans are for the service in Japan. Responding to a question about character-driven titles, he told Famitsu that "there's a tendency to imitate other companies by trying to developer trademark characters," and that "I'm more concerned with developing new games which appeal to players." "If a game is high quality, players will embrace it regardless of its main character," he pointed out, adding in jest that "perhaps the main soldier from Halo will end up as our trademark character!" Microsoft Japan is also advising Microsoft in the USA on its domestically developed RPGs, which will be released in Japan as well as the States and Europe. "Potential international appeal isn't a decisive factor in selecting first party games to develop," he said, using horse racing RPG Jockey's Road as a prime example. Microsoft is trying not to flood the Japanese market for the sake of it. Recognising the large number of Western games on the system at the moment, Miyata-san went on. "We're not under any pressure to deliver foreign games," he explained. "Regardless of the popularity of a game in America, if we don't think Japanese players will embrace it, the game won't be released here. Microsoft is keenly aware of Japanese consumers, and the American side understands our perspective on the software issue." Confirming that Microsoft is in this for the long run, he said of the 'console war' that "software is the key. Specifically, unique Xbox-exclusive games are the answer. We must continue releasing as many high quality games as possible."

Source - Xen Gamers