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"It's a little bit hard to work out without knowing the altitude of that dragon..."

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Dynasty Wannabes

Xbox and PS2 fans get a handful of new games from Koei

If you're just catching up on the tail end of E3, so are we! With so much on display at this year's Expo there will be a fresh E3 info to serve for many days to come. At the weekend we learnt that Koei has announced that unreleased GameCube fantasy action game Mystic Heroes will be released on PlayStation 2 later this year. The game is considered a Chinese mythology version of Dynasty Warriors 3, so fans of that will do well to keep their eye on Mystic Heroes. As we understand it, the PS2 version will feature more multiplayer options for cooperative and versus play, and four new hidden characters. PlayStation 2 owners will also get to try out the developer's popular war simulation RPG Sangokushi Senki, which will be released as Dynasty Tactics in the US later this year. Hopefully the game won't suffer the same fate as many similar games have done, and particularly games with 'Tactics' in the title. In other Koei-related news, the company has confirmed that Crimon Sea is progressing nicely for the Xbox. This is effectively a sci-fi version of Dynasty Warriors, with the same gameplay dynamic, but a setting far in the future and hordes of aliens to destroy. A neat addition to this game is the Enemy Detection System, which allows you to detect the position of enemies around you by vibration and sound. Dolby Digital surround sound looks to be a pre-requisite for this one. If aliens and quasi-future sci-fi nonsense doesn't rock your boat though, Dynasty Warriors 3 itself will be released in the US on Xbox this summer. We hope to speak to THQ (publishers of the PS2 version of the game) about the game's European release date when they all recover from their E3 hangovers. Related Feature - Dynasty Warriors II review

Dynasty Warriors' perhaps surprising popularity has led to Koei, not its competitors, announcing a slew of similarly themed titles

Source - The Magic Box