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ATI powered Doom III

Soon you too can buy the hardware that drove the infamous E3 demo

A high-end graphics chip from ATI was used to power the demo of Doom III at this year's E3, the two companies have confirmed. With so many people selling the farm to upgrade for this game, it now seems certain that ATI's latest graphics card, scheduled for release before the end of 2002, will fly off the shelves. "ATI's next generation hardware has an ideal feature set for the Doom III engine," said John Carmack, a man who needs no introduction, "and at the moment is the fastest platform to run the game on." John's comments through his popular .plan file are used by many to judge the quality of new graphics hardware. His intricate knowledge of graphics card architecture and his position at Id Software mean that many follow his advice almost blindly. Although he has previously backed GeForce 3 as the card for Doom III, he has recently been openly scathing of ATI's biggest competitor, and this latest recommendation undoubtedly still carries a lot of weight. Related Feature - We're All Doomed!

Source - press release