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No Time for Xbox Live

Free Radical Design confirms lack of online play in the Xbox version of TimeSplitters 2

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TimeSplitters 2 bowled us over when we managed to get our hands on it before E3. Free Radical's follow-up to the finest action game at the PS2's launch has been praised because of its improved single player game, but as with the original the multiplayer options are the most interesting part of the equation. Unfortunately, speaking to Gaming Age at this year's E3, Free Radical confirmed that although PlayStation 2 online support is happening, Xbox Live support is not currently planned. The different versions are being timed to launch simultaneously, and because the Xbox conversion only began development three months prior to E3, the Xbox version could not feasibly include Live support. A blow for the service? Or one less competitor for the inevitable Halo 2 and Counter-Strike? Related Feature - TimeSplitters 2 hands-on preview

A toast to online play, but not for Xbox owners

Source - Gaming Age

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